Our Story

The Inception

Allei's journey began with two separate yet complementary visions. On one hand, Dominika and her mother were experts in crafting medical droplets, harnessing the medicinal properties of plants in Czechia. On the other, Peter and Guillaume were on a quest to develop a serum that could transfer the healing power of laser light directly into the lungs. Czechia provided the perfect backdrop for these endeavors, offering a wealth of expertise and facilities.

The Current Landscape

Today, Allei stands as a testament to collaborative innovation. We've successfully merged the expertise of Dominika and her mother in medical droplets with Peter and Guillaume's groundbreaking work in Aerosol Laser Therapy. Our strategic partnership with Contipro, Europe's leading manufacturer of Hyaluronic Acid, further solidifies our position in the pharmaceutical landscape. All our initiatives are proudly rooted in Czechia, leveraging its rich medical and technological ecosystem.

The Next Phase

As we look to the future, Allei is poised for exponential growth. Our vision extends beyond the borders of Czechia as we plan to establish a robust distribution chain for our revolutionary ALT fluid and medical droplets. With a commitment to quality and innovation, all our products will continue to be developed and distributed from within Czechia, ensuring the highest standards of excellence.